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About Our Ministry

At Cornerstone Ministries and The Destiny Center our goal is to help you reach out to people in your communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Dwight Craig Atkinson Jr. is available to come and preach in special services, and evangelistic events, we also believe it is important to equip people for the work of ministry to their family, friends, neighbors and other they encounter on a daily basis.
We want to see people of all ages and backgrounds Discover, Unlock and Fulfill their God given destiny and purpose. This is best done through seminars and other special events where people like yourself have the opportunity discover the plans and purposes of God for their life through our seminars.

About Our Founder and President

Dwight Craig Atkinson Jr. has been in ministry for more than 30 years. He is best known for his ability to preach and teach the Word of God with clarity and to inspire, encourage and equip people for the work of ministry. He learned how to share the gospel of Jesus Christ from three of his Heroes in the Faith, Herb Bargo of Latin American Bible Church Ministries, Charles and Francis Hunter, when they invited him to be the State Coordinator for their Win You City to Jesus campaign and Lowell Lundstrom with whom he worked for 5 years as a National Director of Lowell’s Impact America Crusades.
The years that Dwight Craig Atkinson Jr. spent with Lowell Lundstrom had the greatest impact on his life as he was honored to listen, watch and learn from this anointed evangelist. Many of the strategies for ministry that Dwight Craig Atkinson Jr. teaches today were developed during his time with Lowell and Lowell’s ministry team of Chet Priewe, Bruce Schoeman and Bill Simmons.

Evangelistic Ministry Strategy

It was during this time with the Lowell Lundstrom Ministry team that Dwight Craig Atkinson Jr.
Began to develop the evangelist strategy; Energize, Organize, Mobilize to Evangelize.
By following this ministry strategy, congregations are trained to share their faith, before, during and after evangelistic events by reaching out to their family, friends, and neighbors with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Congregation Development Strategy

Another effective tool for ministry that Dwight Craig Atkinson Jr. has developed for the local church is called the Cycle of Ministry. The Cycle of Ministry was developed to help congregations monitor their effectiveness in Reaching Out to the unchurched, Receiving them into the life of the Church, Retaining them by caring for them, Retraining them for the work of ministry and then Releasing them into the ministry of the congregation and the community in which they live.
We have found that most pastors and congregations today spend most of their time, talent and resources on just trying to maintain the congregation they have. The unique approach to this strategy is that it helps pastors and their congregations become more effective in their day to day activities without any additional finances.

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Would you like to have Jesus Christ be the focal point of your life? Do you want to be empowered by the Holy Spirit whenever you are facing challenges? Do you want to experience the fullness of your salvation and learn how to share your faith with others? If you answered yes to any of these questions then we at Cornerstone Ministries are here to help you find the answers.

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